Factory Test APK Download Latest (v1.5) For Android

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Factory Test APK Download Latest (v1.5) For Android

Factory Test Apk

Welcome to the Factory Test Apk; download and install this app, and after that, you can check your mobile all system display, battery, microphone and speaker, camera, sensor, touch screen, buttons, network connectivity, and system, etc.


Factory Test Apk

As we all know, we have a smartphone, but we can not analyse which things on our smartphones work better or not. Suppose that some of the function of your smartphone is not working well, like the display, battery, sensor, button, camera, network, speaker or microphone, etc. Regarding that problem, here is an app that provides you with special features for testing your phone, and that app is a ‘factory test APK’.

This app can test any features of your device, whether that is working well or not. In this app, you have to give access to your software and hardware so that it can test any features of your device. It is beneficial for everyone because many people need to know which of the functions of their smartphone is working well or not, so everyone has to install this app with the help of it. Anyone can know which things on our smartphone need to be fixed.

factorytest apk

Features of this APK

In this, you can check any features of your smartphone. Some of the critical features of this APK are given below.

Display test: A factory test can evaluate the quality and performance of your device’s display brightness level, defective pixels, colour accuracy, viewing angle, etc., and provides the proper working environment for your display to get the best result and colour combination.

Battery test : This function analyses the battery performance, battery working state, and charging rate of your battery. It can also improve your battery lifespan. With the help of this, you can also know when we have to change our battery because the battery is the most essential part of your device.

Microphone and speaker test: This microphone and speaker test function analyses the working performance of your speaker and the audio quality of your microphone. By this, you can also know about your microphone and speaker’s working capability.

Camera Test: The most essential part of our device. It can also analyse the camera component and fulfil its requirements like image quality, exposure, shutter, autofocus, pixel colour accuracy and other camera functions. By this, your camera gives you the best results for your photo.

Sensor Test– This feature tests the other sensor working capabilities like fingerprint unlock, gyroscope, and adaptive brightness and also includes the accelerometer and other sensor components. It also ensures the other sensor functioning features like auto-rotate, motion detective, ambient light sensor, etc. It is also beneficial for the sensors of our device.

Device information: This feature shows the relatable information of the hardware and software components of your device, and it also shows the essential information of your device like processor data, model name, memory capacity, manufactured operating system version and so on in features you can able to see your general information of your device.

Touch Screen Test: This feature analyses the device’s touchscreen responsiveness and accuracy, and it detects touch screen problems like rejected touches and erratic behaviour. This feature fixes the problem related to the device’s touchscreen and provides touchscreen accuracy and better response to the user while using the touchscreen.

Button Test: also analyses the button problems, like the volume up/down button and power button and fixes them properly to make your device work correctly. It also verifies the user can use their device by physical button control.

Network Connectivity Test: This app also analyses the network connecting strength. It fulfils the requirement of your network and allows it to connect with multiple networks such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data and more so that users should not encounter any problem related to the network. It ensures that the strength of your network connection is maintained.

App information

Factory Test Apk
Size17 MB
DeveloperVivo global
Latest update15 JUNE 2023
File typeAPK
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Factory Test APK Android

Factory Test App works in all Android Versions of all Vivo Smartphones like Android 7, Android 8, Android 9, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13. Not only this Factory Test 1.5 APK but also in all new Vivo Smartphones, does the smoothie work.

Factory Test APK Download

If you want to download this APK, you can download this APK simply by clicking on the download option. We have already talked about the features and quality of this APK, so what are you waiting for? Download this APK by our link as soon as possible.


As you all know, in today’s generation, everyone has a smartphone and uses it properly, but when a problem arises, we get confused about how to solve it. In that situation, you can take the help of this APK. It can solve any problem related to your software or hardware, and it is free to use; you do not have to pay money for it. It can analyse your problem regarding your smartphone.

Solve it immediately. Overall, it is a beneficial app for every smartphone user. You can download this APK simply by clicking on the download option given above.

If you are facing any problem regarding this APK, you can comment below whether it is downloading or using a problem.


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